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train With me

Our training is unique in the way that you'll never repeat the same workout twice, small group training classes.    

With full body movements, you'll create muscle - body awareness, balance, strength & lots of energy.  

FIITHAUS can use a variety of tools - or nothing at all but YOU.

Truly endless of what you'll do in our training.   It's more like personal training, but just with an amazing group of people. 

This spring we will be adding some new training:  

*Trail running, for those who want to just try something new and be in nature or for those that are joining our Fiithaus team. 

2018 is going to be a fun year, not only are we going to hit peoples goals but our FiitHaus Crew is training for the ToughMudder,

and The Ragnar Trail Relay this Sept.  Feel adventurous and want to do something different, join us.

Train hard together, have fun together...doesn't matter our age, fitness levels, or body type.  

Each and every Trainer will work close with you, giving you that one on one touch - no matter if you are a beginner, have an injury, we want you there!  

We will customize exercises, movements for you so you never miss a session.  

Come in for a free class and meet the incredible group of people who keep coming back for more.  

Start feeling better, build your strength, sculpt your body, lose that weight, and get real results that work for your lifestyle! 

New Year Special 15% off 1 year unlimited membership, Expiries Jan 31, 2018


Monday:  6-7 pm

Tuesday:  6 - 7 am 

                 8 - 9 am 

                          5 30 - 6 30 pm

Wednesday:  6 - 7 am 

                               5 30 - 6 30 pm

Thursday:  6 - 7 am

                  8 - 9 am

                            6 30 - 7 30 pm

Saturday:  8 - 9 am